About Us

FitCompress™ was founded with an ambitious goal: to provide the absolute best solution for aches and pains!

We developed the FitCompress™ Premium Arthritis Compression Gloves because we wanted a convenient way to reduce swelling, improve circulation and ultimately achieve maximum comfort for troublesome areas.

Our Compression Technology is specifically designed to relieve pain from arthritis, tendinitis, the carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

Our collaboration with Lyfe Botanicals helps us to fulfil our vision by improving your health.

Health Care for a Cause

As part of our mission to improve health, a portion of the proceeds from each FitCompress™ product is donated to aid Alzheimer’s Research. Your support has led to over $100k raised in the fight to cure Alzheimer’s in our lifetime…
and we’re just getting started.

In other words, when you buy a product from us, you will do something good for yourself and, on top of that, secure a piece of future for your loved ones.